Sulong Likha | Pag umaklas and masa, Babagsak ang pasista

Pag umaklas and masa, Babagsak ang pasista

Artist: Sulong Likha
Size: 150″x50″
Medium: Acrylic on Wood
Year: 2020

not for sale

Artist statement:  Created by Sulong Likha, UGATLahi and Dap-ayan ti Kultura iti Kordilyera for Human Rights Day in 2020. Originally, a puppet-like effigy of President Duterte was also created, sitting on a throne of bullets on top of the folded mural. The back panels of the folded mural depict two different realities; the harsh and militaristic response of the government to the pandemic, and the persisting destruction and plunder of our resources and environment. The tyrant and his throne eventually collapse when the mural unfolds into an image of the united masses rising up and breaking free.