Auspicious Family / Fred Sandoval

Auspicious Family is an aural & visual collagist who investigates abstract concepts in music through approaches which can be described as vicarious and subversive. The cornerstone of his work is an exploration of both sampling and synthesis while incorporating a variety of performance and recording techniques.

He has performed with longtime influences and fellow Filipino artists Caliph8 and Malek Lopez, and has provided sound work for various projects and institutions within Asia.

His most recent work, Wayward Symmetry (Released November 2020 by Chinabot, London UK), was a collaboration with French Sound Artist, Laure Boer, with whom he performed with in a residency instituted by the Goethe-Institut, CTM Festival and Musicboard Berlin. The residency was designed to create a dialogue with sound art of the Philippines. across the globe. His previous releases are Machinations (2017) and 吉利 / Series (2015).

Wayward Symmetry is available for listening here:
Other releases under Chinabot on their Bandcamp page:
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