Bumbo Villanueva

Bumbo Villanueva

With 30 years of experience in different art forms, Bumbo Villanueva has truly made a mark not only in the Baguio art scene, but also in the whole of the Philippines. Many of his works are elicited from a reverence for the innate spirituality of nature and its environmental landscape. His works also depict Cordillera cultural traditions and indigenous communities.

Bumbo’s sculptures are mostly in brass and bronze, but he also works with a variety of mediums.

He is a co-sculptor of “Supremo”, a 15-foot tall bronze and brass sculpture at the Global City, Taguig and the 10-foot sculpture “The Builders,” composed of five figures, at the Baguio Botanical Garden. He has mounted solo exhibitions and joined a number of group shows in the country – Baguio, Metro Manila, Pampanga and also in Las Vegas (USA) and Singapore. He worked with different sectors of the community (out-of-school youth, children in conflict with the law, young scholars, etc.) and headed cultural activities such as “The Earth Day Chalk Drawing” and “SUN-PAYAN” – a community art installation of over 600 Sun drawings of children. He is also a mentor for other aspiring young artists/sculptors, and is currently managing Arko ni Apo Art Gallery in Baguio City.

A sculptor, painter, installation and performance artist and an art educator: Bumbo has seen his creative path evolve through countless challenges in all aspects of his being. From enduring struggles as a breadwinner and father, to surviving a heart attack in 2016, his perspective now reflects a deeper sense of faith and gratitude for second chances. Bumbo lifts up his works to his Maker he calls the “Greatest Sculptor,” grateful that he has been given the opportunity to grow as an artist. He has vowed to share his talent by extending help to others through art.

Seeing all these, his journey is paved towards a direction of healing and transformation. He says, “It always reaches a spiritual level. I have faith that there’s a bigger purpose in what I am doing.”