Jandy Carvajal

Jandy A. Carvajal acknowledges diversity in art practice and appreciation, and that amidst this variety, decoration has a place in artmaking. His predilection for decorative art is influenced by his Catholic background, with Catholicism’s visual aids to piety, sacramentals, appealing to him early in his youth. Some examples of such artifacts are prayer cards (estampitas) and the embossed metal (repoussé) accessories of the statues of saints.

While many might dismiss decoration as frivolous, he believes that decorative components are not necessarily superficial; they can express profound concepts, such as aspiration, devotion, or even penance, especially given the manual repetition of motifs.

Jandy works with a variety of media, from graphite to metal sheets. His creative outputs have been exhibited in Baguio, Manila, New York and London. His contributions to the Alimuom exhibit are his response to toxic positivity, made more salient by the ongoing pandemic.

Awarded with a Fulbright scholarship, Jandy earned his Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art degree from Montclair State University, New Jersey in May 2016. He is currently Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Baguio.