Kizel Cotiw-an

Kizel Cotiw-an

Kizel Cotiw-an is an artist from Benguet, whose art is inspired by her childhood, hunting wild insects, gathering mountain tea, catching tadpoles and eating sweet potatoes. Colorful, full of patterns, shapes, and with acrylic as her main media, the main themes of her art are about nature and the spirits that dwell in them. It also shows the beauty of the Igorot culture.

She dreams of illustrating books that tell the local tales from her hometown. The works of Pacita Abad, Hundertwasser, Aboriginal artists, African artists and Cordilleran artists inspire her the most.

Kizel is an Igorota artist from Buguias, Benguet. She took up her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of the Philippines-Baguio (Cum laude) and graduated last 2012. Her works are always colorful and whimsical, with a theme that focuses mainly on nature and culture.

The pandemic deepened her desire to paint even more landscapes and plants. For her, it is a way to bring positive energy and hope to her life despite the depressing effects of the pandemic.

Her favorite medium is acrylic on canvas. On her spare time she likes to garden, hike and read.